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Positive Vibes Only

Hello, I am Freya. My alter ego online. This is going to be my personal space to relax, enjoy and surround myself with everything that is beautiful, loving, positive, divine and bright:)

Who is Freya?

Short version: female, mid thirties, in a relationship, smoker ( I am ashamed!),  job nine to five, no children, one beautifullllll cat and few good friends.

Longer version:

introspective chic, always digging for more, curious and would like to know so much, unfortunately I don’t manage to fulfil all the knowledge in this world,my weakness is that I don’t finish what I started – that’s why there are many tutorials and books unfinished.

Who would I be if I had a second chance? I would be a pianist.

Dislikes: narrow-minded people really aren’t my  cup of tea  BUT I do my best to accept everybody as is.

My goals:

  • Quit smoking
  • Run a marathon
  • Eat healthy
  • Learn photography
  • Learn Spanish
  • Travel more
  • Be happy.

ps: not necessary in this order:)

Main point of this blog is going to be on spiritual and self growth from my point of view.