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Christmas Eve. Energies between 21nd and 24th have strong healing power.In this time it is good to contemplate the past, present and future. If you think you are stuck in the past go to meditation, relax and wait what comes to your mind. One day is dedicated to past – go to meditation and ask the higher power (universe, nature, God, whatever you like) to help you release all that is not good for you, everything that restrains you in present and say (importance in this part is that you do it from your heart) : dear Universe (god, nature, higher power) please give me so much love,strength, mercy as I can accept in order to transform all that comes to your mind to unconditional love. If you feel like you have to transform anger, you transform it to it opposite, hate to love, etc….

You don’t need a meditating position, the point is you  do it with pure intention and willingness. This way is possible to transform any kind of emotion.

I am not sure english editions of book by S.N. Lazarv are available, but the result of this kind transformation is powerful. Usually results don’t come from today to tomorrow, but if you start cleaning your emotions with strong intention, you will see the difference.

This meditation can be used for improving relationships with your beloved ones – not in the sense of changing them but the aim is that you accept them as they are. This way my relationship with father changed so much i couldn’t belive it. I’ll write more on this technique in one of next posts.